The headline on the Big 12 website recently said “3-Peat”. The University of Texas won its 3rd consecutive National Championship…in Men’s Swimming and Diving. I love it. That’s terrific. But the big revenue generating sports – the ones people watch on TV and stream and pay money to see in person, in those the Big 12 appears to be in a nose dive. TCU won the NIT. But I heard on the radio recently that it would be preferable to get knocked out in the second round of the NCAA tournament than to win the NIT.

The Pac 12 site speaks of their Final Four participant. Oregon. Not Arizona or UCLA. Oregon. They have 5 teams in the pre-season USA Today Top 25 football poll, with USC at #5.

The SEC’s site is talking about having a team in the Final Four (and it’s not Kentucky) and about Alabama being ranked #1 in the Bleacher Report football pre-season poll. (Again.) They have 6 teams in the pre-season football top 25.

The Big 10? They have TWO teams in the top 4 of the pre-season football poll. The teams are rivals, and they have two of the best, most well-known coaches in College Football. They’ve got 5 teams in the top 12. A friend asked me recently (a friend FROM Texas): Who’s the coach for Texas now? Yeesh.

The ACC… FSU is #1 or #2 in most polls. They have a team in the Final Four (as is customary) and Clemson’s the defending national champ in football.

Thank the Almighty for the State of Oklahoma. Yep, this is a Texas guy saying this. OU is responsible for the Big 12’s only FBS tournament appearance and have perhaps the only nationally recognized head-coach in the conference. They and OSU are both in the top 10 of most pre-season top 25 polls.

UT Football hoping to turn things around under new coach Tom Herman.

Let’s hope the Big 12 can begin turning things around this year. A successful Tom Herman at Texas would be helpful. With all of Baylor’s problems, the conference desperately needs UT to regain respectability. If they don’t, I don’t see much hope for the conference, honestly. So my take is this: watch UT football. As goes UT football in the next couple years, so will go the Big 12 over the next 5 or 6.



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