DYAS Annual Actors Showcase – Local young actors get to perform & audition for Hollywood scouts.

Parents take note – this is the acting equivalent to American Idol, right here in Dallas. If your child or teen is interested in the TV & movie industry, DYAS’s Annual Actors Showcase is the perfect opportunity to be seen by Hollywood scouts.  

Dallas Young Actors Studio, led by Linda Seto, has been in business here in DFW for over 30 years. They have produced some amazing actors who have gone on to terrific careers. That we have an acting and film-production school here in the Metroplex that is as respected as any in the nation is something to be proud of.

DYAS provides instruction year-round and offers summer camps, but the Actors Showcase is the best opportunity to get immediate exposure to Hollywood scouts. The award-winning instructors at DYAS will prepare your child for the auditions and be with him/her through the entire process. It’s a rare opportunity to gain experience, confidence and perhaps be discovered!

Dallas Young Actors Studio launched these careers:

I’m a big fan of DYAS and all they do. If you have a child who’d be excited for the chance to learn and perform, don’t miss this local opportunity.


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