We are all just a car crash,

a diagnosis, an unexpected phone call,

a newfound love or a broken heart

away from becoming a completely

different person.

How beautifully fragile are we

that so many things

can take but a moment

to alter who we are…


Samuel Decker Thompson

I know from experience that things can change in a hurry. Sometimes they change for the better. Sometimes. Point is to stay ready. How do you stay ready? You live today as if tomorrow may not come.

Be reckless in your life, love and loyalty. Why? Because…why not?


A freelance rapparee at jusbeDFW.
Been called a ne'er-do-well, vagabond and worse. But I'm really a harmless wayfarer. I'm a bit reckless, but at least I know who I am. That's something I can't say for most men I meet out there.
A pretty lady once told me that I like to hear myself talk. So if I get to ramblin', send me a quick "Yur dooin ma heid in!" and I'll shut up for a bit. It won't hurt my feelings.