<=== I saw this sign the other day. Interesting lesson, and it may keep you out of trouble. And it might help keep you thin. You can stop and buy a Triple MeatWhataburger Whatameal (1,800 calories) and add an apple pie (pushing calorie count up over 2,000) on the way home from work today and it’s not going to kill you. In fact, it’s not even going to make you fat. But do this every night for a decade and you may run into a few problems. (Shout out to @Whataburger – you’re my favorite fast-food restaurant and you make the best fast-food burgers in America. Not hatin’.) So self-control…I know I can stop and get the Triple Meat every day after work, but I choose not to.

But self-control is only half the story.

I’d also add this – have some self-discipline. Self-discipline is defined online as “the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it“. I’d say it this way: “Self-discipline is knowing you don’t have to do something, but choosing to do it anyway.” I don’t have to wake up 30 minutes early to get my HIIT in, but I

CHOOSE to. I don’t have to find a quiet spot for my 30 minutes of daily reading, but I CHOOSE to. I don’t have to make that difficult call at work, but I CHOOSE to.



Having self-control prevents you from going to bad places. Robbing a bank might cause immediate consequences, but eating a bag of chips every night for a decade might also cause issues, albeit a bit more slowly. In either example you end up looking in a mirror and seeing something that was never meant to be. The lack of self-control, even in small amounts, can over time cause huge failures.




Having self-discipline takes you to new places. It helps you build your relationships, memory, muscles and business. It separates you from the rest of the world, most of whom have little self-discipline, if any. Simple self-discipline, choosing to do something when you know you don’t have to, can over time turn into huge successes.



My take away is this: get some balls. When you know you shouldn’t, don’t. When you know you should, do. Make the simple decisions to do the small things every day and in the end you’ll find yourself at the top.




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