Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on winning the World Series for the first time since 1908.

1908 Chicago Cubs baseball team at West Side Grounds after winning the World Series, Chicago, Illinois, 1908. Heinie Zimmerman, John Kling, Johnny Evers and Frank Schulte are included in this image.

Chicago Cubs, 1908

Much has happened since 1908 (these are in no particular order and came off the top of my head. I’ve obviously missed many important events due to memory and lack of space):

  1. Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii became states.
  2. Stars 47, 48, 49 and 50 thus added to flag.
  3. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Persian Gulf wars.
  4. Women given right to vote (19th Amendment, 1920).
  5. Television.
  6. Computer Chip (at Texas Instruments in 1958)
  7. Civil Rights Act.
  8. Elvis, MLK, MJ (Jackson and Jordan), etc.
  9. Man walks on the moon. (If you buy into that…)
  10. The atomic bomb.
  11. The Great Depression.
  12. JFK
  13. Cold War
  14. The NY Yankees have won the World Series 27 times.

The list obviously goes on and on. It’s been a long time. I’m no Cubs fan, but I can say I’m happy to see them win and even happier that all the talk about the streak is over.


Harry Caray


Ferrell does Harry Caray

We all remember the Cubs playing their day games on WGN. Despite being a fan of the Dodgers back then, I watched the “Cubbies” every day after school…in Arizona. (Guess this is one reason why they have so many fans around the country.) Hell, fans were talking about the streak way back then…30-some years ago. I loved Harry Caray and now love even more impressions of him. (Click here for terrific impressions and other funny stuff.)


Zobrist double wins Series for Cubs

Congratulations, truly, to the Cubs and their fans. And how about a shout out to Theo Epstein who has now ended to two biggest curses in baseball, maybe all of sports, by leading the Red Sox and Cubs to titles? And the guy’s only 42. Is that right? Impressive.

Lastly, congrats to Ben Zobrist for winning the MVP for the Series. He played shortstop at Dallas Baptist University way back when and seems like a quality dude. It’s nice to see good people achieve great things.

So, until next season (pitchers and catchers report in a little over 100 days…insane.) Go Rangers.


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