“Random Wednesdays” began years ago with a group of friends.  It was an unplanned, unscheduled evening a few of us would on a whim venture out to find what we could get into.  It wasn’t something we intentionally started it was just a night of the week that, unaware to us at the time was convenient to most of our group. Over time we collected so many stories from those Wednesday nights that they became known as “Random Wednesday nights” amongst us.  While those party days are behind me I still get out and do some random Wednesday nights. This is my latest.

While an estimated 29.3 million households in America were watching the Cubs break their 108 year curse, I was watching a pretty damn good show by the band called Awed (pronounced odd) at Memphis in Addison TX.  Memphis has a live band seven nights a week and has done so since 1981.  The place is known for live music to say the least.

Awed is a five-piece band that plays a variety of current hits, old school R&B and classic rock. Some of their songs last night included Hard to Handle (Black Crows), Happy (Pharell Williams), Rolling in the Deep (Adele), Learning to Fly (Foo Fighters), Yeah! (Usher), Billy Jean (Michael Jackson), Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind) and Ordinary People (John Legend).

The band kept me entertained the whole night. Which is something.  I never stay for an entire show. But this one I hung around till the end.  Maybe it was just the fact that I loved every one of the songs they played.  But the band was good.  They are obviously a talented group on instruments and vocals.  They brought high energy and took request that kept the audience involved. A few times they had the audience voluntarily dancing at their tables.

Maybe it was a combination of the music and the whiskey, but I was feeling some good vibes. They had me smiling all night.

Check their next show out at Memphis December 19th.

Murlin Graham

Karaoke master of a handful of songs and probably the best people-watcher ever. Ever!