7 weeks into the 2016 NFL season and Romo’s missed every game. Dez has missed 3 games. There have been other significant injuries. The O-line. Defensive backfield. Kicker. But the Cowboys are 5 & 1 and amazingly have the two front-runners for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

As of 10/19, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott were both even odds to be Offensive Rookie of the Year. My hunch is it’ll be Zeke, but Dak’s done nothing but impress all year-long.

Who should start when Romo returns?

Crazy that Dak’s in the discussion for Rookie of the Year at the same time as a discussion as to whether he should be the starter.

Most agree staying with Dak is the right way to handle the QB situation (vote and see the results), but I’m not completely convinced. Would I keep starting Dak for now? Yes….I think so. Is he the future? I don’t think we can say that yet. Remember RGIII? He was NFL Rookie of the Year in ’12. Granted, he’s battled injuries, but everyone thought he was the future for the ‘Skins. Remember Kaepernick in ’12-’13? (NFL morning after: The Decline of Colin Kaepernick.) He led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, barely lost to the Ravens and probably would have been MVP had they won. What about Nick Foles in ’13-’14? 64% passer rating; 27 TD, 2 INT; 119 passer rating. You read that right. 27 touchdowns. Two picks. Now he’s the backup QB for the Chiefs. Barely found a job.

Dak looks fantastic, but is he the future? I hope so. But we truly don’t know that yet and it would be silly to say it. Should he keep starting? Yeah, probably. Who’s going to make this decision? Jones? Garrett? Romo? We have hunch…

By the way, wanna know what Romo’s stats looked like the last year (the only year) he had an offensive line like this with a running game like this? Here ya go:

  • 2014romo
  • 12-4
  • 1st Place NFC East
  • 69.9% completion percentage (#1 in NFL)
  • 3,705 yards
  • 34 TD (#4 in NFL)
  • 9 INT
  • 113.2 passer rating (#1 in NFL)

Lost in NFC Divisional round of playoff to Packers (The Dez Catch). It was a catch. Should have advanced to the NFC Championship. Could have been league MVP. Not bad. Maybe it’s just easier for a quarterback…and a defense…when the O-line dominates, the running game eats up the clock, and there’s very little pressure on the quarterback?

Leave Dak in for now. Zeke gets Offensive MVP – my prediction. Romo, stay ready. Any thoughts? Oh, and it was a catch.










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