No matter how much turmoil exists on the surface of the ocean it is insignificant compared to the depths of calmness that lie underneath. The mind is like an ocean.


Terrific podcast. Meditation for Warriors. Keep it coming, Spartans.

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally learned that controlling my mind is the ultimate goal in life. The body is easy. (Shout out to Coach Travis Watkins.) Do what your body was meant to do, nourish your body the way you were meant to nourish and get good rest, and your body will become very close to perfect. The mind, however, is a different ball game. Self-thought, meditation, prayer…whatever you call it, practice it. This is the part of the journey we must master. If we want real peace. If we want true happiness. If we want real health.



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Been called a ne'er-do-well, vagabond and worse. But I'm really a harmless wayfarer. I'm a bit reckless, but at least I know who I am. That's something I can't say for most men I meet out there.
A pretty lady once told me that I like to hear myself talk. So if I get to ramblin', send me a quick "Yur dooin ma heid in!" and I'll shut up for a bit. It won't hurt my feelings.