It was a sweep. 10bluejays-facebookjumbo

Many lessons to be learned from this season, but most of us in North Texas would rather think about cooler weather, talk about Friday Nights and watch the CowboysWe can talk baseball again next March.


Congratulations to the Blue Jays. They showed up and played well when it counted. But I really don’t like them. Or their fans. Is that bad? blue-jays-texas-rivalry-sign

Oh well. Congrats to the Rangers on an excellent regular season. 6 months and 160-some games and they finished with the best record in the AL. It’ll be another long, grueling season next year, but let’s hope they get back in it and have another chance. They’ve got a terrific squad and most of the team should be back. It’ll be fun.

But for now, we’ll just get ready for the Cowboys and Packers next week.