This is what you wish for if you love live events in small venues.  Just a few hundred people, including some celebrity athletes and D. O. double G on the ones and twos and behind the mic.

Punk society  (#sundaysociety) in Deep Ellum hosted Snoop Dogg, aka DJ Snoopadelic, Sunday night Oct. 2 and he didn’t disappoint.  Snoop came out shortly after midnight asking, “if you don’t mind I don’t want to take up too much of your time but what I want to do first and foremost is I want to put some of this sticky icky icky in this mutha fuckin…”.  And in true Snoop Dogg fashion the show did not start without Snoop lighting one up.

Snoop started his set on the mic singing his part of Dr Dre’s “The Next Episode”.  The crowd responded overwhelmingly, as if rehearsed and on cue to fill in for Kurupt’s part in the song “Snoop Dogg”.  He followed that with DMX’s “Party Up (Up in here)” and a slew of other hip hop classics through out the night.  At one point even going old school with “Brick House” by the Commodores.

img_0868Punk Society staff was top notch.  From the guys at the door to the bartenders, very professional and nice.  This staff knows how to entertain and provide great service. These guys always had sincerity and a certain humility about their demeanor. And they were nice. I find it common in the industry for a server or bartender to not care about the service. Just doing a job and expecting a minimum standard for tips.  I did not get this feeling at all from Punk Society staff.  They all acted as if they have a stake in providing me great service and their actions expressed graciousness. And did I mention the staff was nice.

Without a doubt it was obvious Snoop Dogg and Punk Society know how to throw a party.  For that I thank them both.